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Tips to Longest Batery Non Removable

Today's episode covers 5 Tips that can increase your phone's battery life. Properly charging the battery of your smartphone is important for maintaining the good health of the battery. It ensures
better battery life and provides increased safety in the long run. Among a lot of tips to maintain the good health of your phone's battery, here're some tips to get the most out of your smartphone's battery.

1. Avoid using phone while charging:
Using of the phone while charging is called parasitic charging. Small amounts of usage load stop the battery from entering a full charging cycle. This kind of usage should be avoided as it can damaging the battery in the long run.

2. Shouldn't leave the phone in charge thoughout the night

Putting your phone on charging overnight won't damage it but there is a chance that your battery life is being hampered. Since it's not mandatory to have the phone at 100 percent at the end of each charge, it's wise to keep the phone's charger unplugged at night.

3. Always use the Original Charger:
Using the company's own charger is always recommended, specially when your phone supports quick charging. High capacity chargers can quickly charge the phone up to 70 percent capacity, but can also damage it in the process, if it's not optimised properly.

4. Don't let your phone overheat!

Heating is perhaps the worst enemy of lithium-ion batteries. You should also avoid charging your phone while playing graphically intensive games, because that will also raise the temperature of the phone and harm the battery. The ideal charging temperature is between 20-30 degrees Celsius.

5. Are 0 and 100 magical numbers?
There's no need to fully charge your new phone when you buy it these days, since the battery is usually charged when you get it. And you don't have to charge the battery up to 100 percent all the time either; you can just start using it and run the battery down before bringing it to a full charge again. On the other hand, you shouldn't let the battery go down to zero either. It's always recommended to charge when the battery gets to around 10 percent charge left as this lengthens the life of the battery. Source : MIUi