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How to Easily Lock Applications on PC or Laptop en version - Basically all applications installed on our laptop or PC are not protected or secured with a password, but sometimes we need a level of privacy to protect the use of certain applications, for example there are ignorant friends or other things.

For example, if you want to lock / secure the Mozilla firefox browser, google chrome, your friend because there is a history or username and password of social media stored, for example Facebook, WhatsApp web, then your friend wants to lock the initial access to open the browser must use a password, as shown below:

Or another example of a friend is a design worker with photoshop or coredraw, you don't want anyone to change your design work, so just lock your coreldraw or photoshop application with a login key / password at the beginning of application access.

Then the question is how to lock certain PC applications on your laptop or personal computer?

Here's an easy tutorial, and this can be for all applications not just browsers, but here the jufrika blog only exemplifies locking the mozilla firefox application.

1. DOWNLOAD the following application on the following page [DOWNLOAD LINK ON BELOW ARTICLE]
2. Extract the file.
3. Run the application.
4. Select the application you want to lock, by clicking the 'select' button.
5. then navigate to the location where the exe file is located, for example my mozilla firefox is on the local disk c\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe
6. then fill in the password that only your friend knows yourself, as shown below.
7. When finished, click the 'lock' button, but before the program is locked with a password, make sure the program you want to lock is closed first, otherwise a notification will appear as follows:
8. If successful, please try to reopen the program that your friend locked.
9. to reopen, just reopen the exelock 5.0 application and click unlock.

Good luck, if you have any questions please comment.
Here is the application download link page :