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How To Install MCB 1 Phase Properly And Correctly

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is an Electrical Component that function is overcurrent breaker. To install MCB correctly at your wire installation you must get some tools and materials like this.

Tools                                                   Materials
1. Screwdriver                                     1. One mcb
2.Tespen                                              2. 1.5 mm cable
3.Safety Shoes
4.Safety Gloves

Now for newbie or learning about wire installation you must do this by yourself to practice to be master. Lets do It :

Wire Installation

1. First use safety shoes and safety gloves to make your body  safe
2. make sure the power source is turn off
3. put the MCB into MCB holder ring until you hear “click” sound
4. input the electrical power to input MCB source, and output electrical power to out MCB.
5 then make sure the bolt is locked strongly so that there no trouble.
6. And now, MCB can be used.

As note MCB same like switch so you can put inpu as output or output as input, but in true installation wire installation input is on top MCB and out is bottom of MCB. Did you have question?

Dayu Al Karim